Role: Animator, Animation Supervisor
Client: NBC
Studio: Starburns

Watch a clip!

Every so often Dan Harmon and his friends get up on stage in LA and play Dungeons & Dragons in front of an audience. They role-play their characters and goof around and its very funny. Starburns was tasked with coming up with a way to edit the live shows down into something that could be animated, and they turned to John Foreman here in Portland to direct a pilot episode.

John brought me in to lead animation initially, so I got to work doing tests and such. One thing I created early on that saved us a ton of time throughout the project were these nice big 2.5D After Effects backgrounds that could be used for a lot of the forest scenes, with dynamic lighting and shading.

As the project progressed, I was upgraded to Animation Supervisor and had a more right-hand man role alongside John, directing the animation when he had other things to deal with. I ended up compositing and animating quite a bit of it and became the last man standing near the end to get the final FINAL final to NBC!

As with lots of pilots, its been relegated to the shadows, but I hear they are working on a new animated version of this concept with new guests and such. It will be interesting to see how it turns out!