Role: Animator
Client: Ruffles

I worked closely with Solomon Burbridge over at BENT to animate and composite these goofy promo videos for Ruffles. It was during March Madness in 2015, and each week people could vote for who they think should win in epic monster battles.

Since the content we animated each week was determined by who won in the voting, we had to set up our assets very thoughtfully to be ready for whatever script we would get in that week. When the script came down storyboards had to be drawn up quickly, the appropriate characters needed to be rigged, and then I put it all together and animated a majority of it with the help of assistant animators.

I ended up building a 2.5D basketball court stage in After Effects that could be maneuvered and repositioned into pretty much any angle that week's storyboards called for, so I could spend more time on the characters than trying to rework the same background from scratch each scene.