Role: Animator, Director
Client: NBC
Studio: Starburns

A producer for Starburns came to me with the possibility of working on a GIJOE-themed episode of the NBC show COMMUNITY. I created a test animation of the main character Jeff (Joel McHale's character) wearing GI Joe fatigues and running towards the camera and shouting “Yo, Joe!” with explosions going off behind him. I did my best to mimic the cheap-looking (but not at all easy!) 80s TV animation style, complete with some hand-crafted compositing effects I developed to make it look slightly off like cel animation from the era. Thanks to the test we landed the job and built up a team in Portland (where I live) to work on the theme song.

I became unit director for our team, in charge of the compositing and rendering of each scene, handling and organizing all of the assets (character models, storyboards, props, vehicles etc) and quite a bit of the animation as well. Under the direction of Rob Schrab, I directed our team in all aspects of animation. After a few weeks of long nights and high levels of stress, we handed in our portion!