Featured Projects


Clean and sophisticated character animation for Nest: Home Away Assist.
Role: Animator
Client: Nest


Hand-drawn character animation for this lovely animated TV spot.
Role: Character Animator
Client: Beringer
Studio: KFenter

Lazer Team

Punchy, scratchy sci-fi visuals open this indie comedy!
Role: Animator


A dream-like journey through the dangers of online pharmacy.
Role: Animator
Client: Lilly


I worked with Starburns Industries and lead a team in Portland that was responsible for animating the theme song portion of this episode of Community on NBC.
Role: Animator, Director
Client: NBC
Studio: Starburns


March Madness brackets with monsters!
Role: Animator
Client: Ruffles


The pilot episode of the first iteration of an animated Dan Harmon's Harmonquest!
Role: Animator, Animation Supervisor
Client: NBC
Studio: Starburns

Eyes Wide Open

A video series about privacy and the internet directed by Kirby Ferguson.
Role: Animator
Studio: Neighbours

Lake Beast

A personal short film.
Role: Animator, Director
Client: Self
Studio: Self
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